One of my favorite quotes I love to live by is:
“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” — Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory



What Pimento & Prose Media Offers

Check out a sampling of some of the services you can find in my updated media kit below.


Social Media Management

Social media options (can choose any of the following social media platforms): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and/or Google Business.
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Content Development

[ Emails, Blogs, Articles, etc. ]. Pricing is based on Small written posts (2-3 paragraphs of copy); Medium written posts (4-6 paragraphs of copy total); and Large written posts (7- >8 paragraphs of copy total).

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Marketing Consultation

Including - Advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, etc.); Building Target Audiences; Content Creation; Market Trends & Research; Social Media; Website Design Consultancy; and more!

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Combination Package

Want something more custom? This monthly plan is completely tailored to what fits your needs based on social media posts, copywriting needs, and more!
An example of a current client's package includes:

  • Two blogs per month, delivered on the dates of your choosing
  • 10 social media posts per month (Instagram, and cross-posted to Facebook)
  • Can include Allspice Photography add-on for an additional cost.
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Are you looking for a Marketing Consultation?

I ensure you understand how to run your business from a marketing standpoint. I'm passionate about helping businesses reach their target audiences through tailored digital strategies. My background will be an asset as you strive for success in this rapidly changing industry. I believe in breaking down silos between departments to enhance teamwork and achieve shared goals. 

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    Advertising - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, etc.

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    Building Target Audiences - Back to basics - I'll figure out what makes you tick, create buyer personas, or figure out how to delve into new markets if you're more seasoned!

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    Content Creation - Blogs vs emails vs. articles - the who, what, when, where, & why's of all of them

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    Market Trends & Research - Not only can I help you research but also point you in the right direction as to best practices, trending topics, and places to stay up to date for knowledge bases.

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    Social Media - From hashtags to reels, how best to batch content, to which social platforms to use for who you're best trying to reach.

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    Website Design Consultancy - what’s included:
    - Platforms available for design services: WordPress, Wix, Square, Squarespace
     - A complimentary, 60-minute design call to understand the need for editing, streamlining, or changing your website


HubSpot Certified

I'm Email Marketing certified to ensure your content makes it to the right people with the most impact!

Custom Family Cookbooks

  • This custom 8.5" x 11" binder-style cookbook includes:
    • A customizable front cover (with two different design options, see both examples below); a forward page, and a back cover.
    • Two to three pages of Table of Contents with page numbers to organize your cookbook, 25 - 60 pages (double-sided).
      • Send 15-35 scanned or handwritten recipes in color or black and white PDFs to me and I will convert your family's traditions into typed, easy-to-read versions (see example at link provided).
      • Send along recipes or family photos to include too and I'll use them alongside or to illustrate the recipes!
      • I can then scale the serving sizes for recipes up to 6-8 or down for 2-4 people if requested.
    • Two to four double-sided blank, template pages are included complimentary so you can create new recipes.
    • All pages are in protective plastic sleeves so they’re smudge-proof, mess-resistant, and kitchen-friendly!
    • Extra recipes/pages can be added for an additional charge.
    • Extra copies of your custom cookbook may be ordered for $100, with title, forward, and back cover changes
  • Please contact us for more information, sizes, and pricing!

Allspice Photography Add-on

I work to show you in the best light, spice up your business, and shine a spotlight on what makes you the best at what you do! That means making sure I include packages and services that can be tailored to what best suits your needs. If you don’t see something that works best for you, reach out to me for a complimentary consultation and I’d be happy to create a custom
photography shoot & plan that makes your business pop!

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    Product photoshoot (onsite with the client or through my in-house product photography studio)

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    Images edited in Lightroom, quantity discussed over complimentary 60 minute discovery call

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    All photos/videos are provided to the client after service is completed.

Get everything you need to grow your company, with Pimento & Prose Media .

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