Privacy Policy

Pimento & Prose Media, LLC respects the privacy of its clients and website visitors. We have created this Privacy Policy to make you aware of the information we may collect from you. Additionally, we will implement your shared information from all our sites ( and any of our social media pages.

All our efforts are towards protecting our customer information, including making timely changes in our privacy policies as displayed on our website via notifications. Our regular visitors are well aware of such alterations. Hence, we urge you to first completely go through our privacy policy before disclosing any of your sensitive information.

Our website is accessible through various devices such as mobile, desktop, tab, etc., and the privacy statements apply to all such devices.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the information shared while:

  • Services that users might have shown interest in
  • Personal information like name, address (if provided), phone number, and email addresses, if provided through a consultation call, etc.
  • All Pages the user visited  
  • Google Meet/Zoom contact details
  • Services/Packages purchased
  • The source from which the user found out about us

We may use this information to contact you to provide relevant information. When you provide us with information, you fill in the terms and conditions, and only after that does that information reach us. From time to time, we make changes to the policy. So, the user should regularly revisit the website to be aware of such changes.

To notify the users regarding any changes, we display regular notifications on the top of the website. Some information is automatically stored, i.e., IP addresses, Browser Information, Operating system, data, and location. We don’t collect personal information from children under 13, and it is recommended that they not use our website.

How Do We Use The Gathered Information?

We use the gathered information in the following ways :

  • Fill in scheduling and contract-related information.
  • Send associated service emails based on the user’s interest patterns.
  • Send new service or related package information.
  • Conduct promotions, surveys, and marketing.
  • Telephonic conversations related to payments.
  • Emails & calls related to feedback.
  • Informational emails and calls.
  • Industry-related updates and news.
  • Scheduled calls and online meetings.
  • Regular/Random notification emails.

There is always a procedure to cancel the subscription to receive such emails and newsletters, after which the user won’t receive such updates.

How Do We Deal With The 3rd Parties?

In the event of a business sale, all personal information would be transferred to the next owner. But before that transfer happens, the user would receive a notification about the information related to the sale.

We reserve the right to disclose your personal information if required by Law and as necessary to protect the interests, property, and rights of Pimento & Prose Media, LLC and the Pimento & Prose Media Affiliates. The Pimento & Prose Media website might also contain links to the 3rd Party websites.

Those 3rd Party Websites may use cookies to gather information. This privacy policy does not cover their (3rd parties) privacy setup. So, we suggest going through each site’s privacy policy separately.

We will use third-party software like HubSpot, Calendly, MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords to track the visits of the prospects and for various purposes like re-marketing and re-targeting.

The Choice To Opt-In / Opt-Out

We want to be audible only for interested ears. Hence, if you don’t want to listen to us, you can opt-out. Reach us at our email here, and we will stop all communication with you. You can always re-opt us at any time.

With a simple email, the users can opt out of any service-related mail or get their account deleted and end all communications with us.

An unsubscription link is at the bottom of every email sent to the user. Unsubscribe to Pimento & Prose Media by clicking that link.

How Long Is Your Information Stored?

The user information stays with us as long as it is useful for both the organization and the individual. We may keep it as long as it is required for the purpose mentioned in the policy and as governed by the Law. is encrypted using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections to help protect such information from interception.

What are Cookies, and what information do they gather?

Small pieces of information transferred to your system instantly as you enter our website are called Cookies. The traffic log cookies are used for statistical analysis to tailor the user’s needs. The required data is immediately removed from our system when the purpose is fulfilled.

Cookies further our objective to allow you to take complete advantage of our site. You can always change your setting whereby you will be notified whenever a site is using cookies, and it will depend on your acceptance whether the information is transferred or not. None of the cookies used by affiliates and partners are covered under this privacy policy.

Data Transparency

To comply with GDPR policy, we are providing you with the option of requesting that we answer any questions you may have about your data.

For further information, contact us from here.

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