Social Media Manager | Website Designer | Photographer

Social Media Manager | Website Designer | Photographer

Discover the art of seamlessly blending high-quality visuals with
extraordinary marketing expertise.

Social Media Manager | Website Designer | Photographer


Testimonials from delighted customers

Check out these testimonials below from some of our past happy clients and local businesses we continue to work with! #collaborationovercompetition

  • 5-star 

    "I absolutely love working with Sarah! You can tell that she is passionate about what she does.  Super wonderful to work with and even more fun to follow! She does a great job of capturing the small businesses of the Upstate!"


    Lynn Kidman Flake

    Owner, Petals Tea Shop
  • rating star image

    "I have worked with Sarah through my digital marketing business - having her promote local restaurants as needed. She always goes WELL above and beyond what is asked, offering additional content and analytics that we weren't even expecting. She is very easy to communicate with, responsible, and I know she'll get the job done if we ask! Thank you!!"

    Max DiNatale

    Max DiNatale

    Owner, Max DiNatale Digital
  • rating star image

    "Sarah was amazing to work with. Amazing photos and a kind heart. Thanks so much for your patience and attention to detail. You definitely caught the essence of my work and passion. The best ever."


    Graysen Walles

    Owner, MooHogz BBQ
  • rating star image

    "My business @obeythecrave truly appreciated the great experience we had with Allspice Photography and Pimento & Prose Media. They did an amazing job at capturing some candid shots and we were able to use those moments captured to create some great content and continue to use those shots to this day. Amazing job!"


    Michaelangelo Vivar

    Owner-Obey The Crave
  • 5-star


    Sarah is driven and in tune with marketing trends! She offered so much value when I was just getting started in my own business. With her extensive experience and knowledge in media/communications, you can't go wrong in working with Sarah for your photography needs - Allspice Photography LLC."


    Michelle Legaspi

    Owner, ImageUp Innovations

    My Story:

    I founded my social media management, copywriting, and marketing consulting business for those looking to reach hyper-local businesses and target audiences in the Upstate, SC area.

    I love being able to help shine a spotlight on local businesses through my work with my food blog, Pimento & Prose, and photography business, Allspice Photography. I believe having a great, high-quality product and service, along with someone with the knowledge and skills behind you to make it look fantastic to your customers and help them find it makes all the difference!

    Our experience:


    Local Businesses Owned – Pimento & Prose Media LLC
    and Allspice Photography LLC


    Years of Professional Photography experience


    Years of combined B2B and
    hyper-local B2C experience working across a diverse range of industries in the Upstate SC area

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    As a genuinely warm person who stays up-to-date on the latest technology and marketing trends, I care about being the best resource to those around me. I am organized, driven, and pride myself on my tenacity, work ethic, & bright personality! In my free time, I love exploring new places, trying new recipes, and sharing a great meal with friends. I look forward to connecting with you!

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    I currently offer Social Media Management, Copywriting (i.e. Emails, Blogs, Articles, etc.), Marketing Consultation Strategies, along with Custom combination packages tailored to your business.
    Reach out for my latest media kit and pricing: (864)-735-4695, or